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I Was Rambo in the Disco

Shooting to the beat

18 January
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things just aint the same since that green cloud came and turned your friends into the undead

31 knots, 31g records, 496, adult swim, alec empire, alkaline trio, an albatross, anah aevia, anathallo, ani difranco, aqua teen hungerforce, architecture in helsinki, asthmatic kitty records, at the drive in, atr, azure ray, belle and sebastian, ben folds, biozombie, boo, boy sets fire, brak, bright eyes, built to spill, call and response, car sex, casablanca, casionauts, cex, charles bronson, charlton heston, christopher walken, circle takes the square, commander venus, conor oberst, dancing, danielson famile, dead prez, defjux, deltron, deseparecidos, digital hardcore, dj shadow, don caballero, dr dooom, el-p, elvis costello, erin mckeowen, family guy, fed by ravens, fi, flcl, fooly cooly, fred thomas, french kiss records, fugazi, george orwell, ghetto diaper, girls named erin, great lakes, guitar wolf, half handed cloud, home movies, hot cross, i robot, i-96, isaac asimov, joy division, joy electric, kevin smith, kid 606, les savy fav, lord of the flies, lovesick, magic the gathering, mates of state, mc chris, mc paul barman, meatwad, merzbow, micheal moore, milemarker, modest mouse, mst3k, multivac must die, murder by death, nic endo, ninja mind control, noise, of montreal, open mic nights, orchid, page 99, pedro the lion, peter jackson, planet of the apes, post-punk, postal service, racebannon, rescue, rjd2, robots, saetia, sci-fi, secret of mana, shaking my bum, since by man, son ambulance, sorry about dresden, space ghost, sufjan stevens, summer dying, swedish death metal, tally hall, the critic, the faint, the fiction, the ghost, the good life, the locust, the pop project, the recital, the robot ate me, the streets, the weakerthans, they might be giants, thunderbirds are now!, vinny keys, wild zero, wolves, xiu xiu, zombies